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Is it durable? Aesthetically pleasing? Can it withstand constant traffic 24/7/365, countless 12 hour shifts, and the spontaneous dance party? A floor is not just a floor.

It's an extension of your needs. A tangible reflection of your vision. Even if your vision and needs are totally out there. It has to be catered. Specific. Responsible. To the point it becomes invisible to complaint. So, do we make what you need? No matter what that means? In a way that improves people's lives every day while simultaneously improving the world? Yes.

Vendor Showcase

Ecore Commercial Flooring

Ecore Commercial Flooring

Is it possible for a floor to enhance the lifestyle of an active Senior Community? Yes, even if the home you’re used to is beautiful, safe, and quiet.
Moving into a senior care facility can be a difficult decision for everyone involved. Among other concerns, you especially don’t want to worry about a parent or grandparent slipping and falling in their nursing home or not being able to get a good night’s sleep in an assisted living facility. Ecore makes surfaces that provide the support older adults need. Many are slip-resistant, and all are gentle on the joints and extra quiet so senior care residents can get the rest they deserve. With our numerous options, the right choice can make it look and feel just like home.
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