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The WoundVision Scout is a handheld imaging device and software solution designed to aid clinicians in their daily wound care and skin assessment. The Scout gives providers an ability identify the non-visible signs/symptoms of as Deep Tissue Pressure Injury (DTPI), Surgical Site Infection, Wound Progression/Regression and Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI). Not only are these conditions costly to the patient's health and quality of life, they also impact the bottom line via reimbursement loss from hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), lawsuits/litigation, and quality measures. And as an added benefit, the Scout also gives providers the ability to precisely and accurately measure wound size.

As the industry's FIRST and ONLY multi-modal thermographic and photographic imaging solution, the Scout takes wound assessment to a whole new level by allowing for measurement of wound size AND documentation of non-visible abnormalities. Unlike the Scout, there are many wound imaging and software products on the market today that are no better than a digital camera. These products only provide you with wound size measurement and photographic documentation. With the Scout, you'll be able to achieve all of that and more.

Scout Thermographic Imaging Technology: gives the clinician an extra set of eyes to measure and document the unseen parities and disparities of metabolic activity, blood flow and perfusion. The quantitative data offers clinicians:
-Objective, non-invasive and quantitative means of early DTI diagnosis
-A timely & reliable way to quantify heat associated with deep & surrounding skin infection if included to routine assessment
-Information to predict healing in pressure ulcers

Scout Photographic Imaging Technology: allows clinicians to accurately and repeatably document and measure all facets of wound size. In doing so, clinicians are able to fulfill regulatory requirements as well as a view wound size change over time. This information provides clinicians with:
-Objective documentation of wound size change
-Equivalent measurement to the Gold Standard LxW
-A more accurate and repeatable wound size measurement with surface area and perimeter

Clear Cost Savings
-Accuracy and repeatability of wound reporting requirements
-Litigation avoidance
-Identification of non-hospital acquired conditions already present on admission (ex: HAPIs or HAIs)
-Reimbursement support
-Elimination of unnecessary treatment (ex: avoidance of other costly imaging exams)
-Elimination of time consuming manual wound measurements with a ruler
-Improved/increased reimbursement (ex: determination of the necessity for more costly treatments/tests)
-Potential to decrease length of stay/readmissions
-Used in conjunction with patient education, can help to increase patient/family satisfaction and compliance
-Wound assessment via web-based application (telemedicine)