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Since 1991, California healthcare organizations have made HFS Consultants an integral part of their operations.

Our Mission is to make a positive impact on the business performance of our clients by creating and applying innovative solutions to demanding healthcare issues.

HFS Consultants Core Values:

Quality - As evidenced by a high rate of repeat business, validation from industry, and exceptional professional knowledge of our personnel.

Respect - For our personnel and clients as evidenced by high retention rate, high morale, formal evaluation processes, and a sense of community.

Honesty & Integrity - Living up to our commitments and addressing misunderstandings as evidenced by client testimonials.

Social Responsibility - A consistent commitment to provide exceptional value to clients in need and to support our community in service or other material ways. Please click on the link below to access more information about HFS' Social Responsibility Initiative.

Client Service - Exceeding client expectation through exceptional technical skill and professional behavior is paramount.