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Shearwater Health History

Originally known as HCCA, Shearwater Health was formed for the purpose of owning, operating and staffing hospitals around the world as a part of HCA. Over the past 40 years, the company has employed more than 30,000 nurses, clinicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals in the United States, the Philippines and elsewhere around the world. As part of the oldest and most respected international health care management system in the world, Shearwater has a rich legacy and strong roots in international recruitment and health care outsourcing services.

Shearwater Health is also credited with creating, developing and managing the novel outsourcing service known as Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO). Our CPO model was developed to combine clinical expertise with business acumen to deliver the highest quality of service and care in the most cost efficient manner. In our CPO model, U.S. payer, provider and health care service companies are able to securely move some, or all of their clinical and/or administrative functions to our highly-trained and qualified clinical staff—including pharmacists, physicians, medical technologists, administrative personnel and nurses both in the U.S. and in the Philippines—thereby significantly reducing operational expenses and increasing the quality and scope in order to achieve more positive patient care outcomes.