InSytu  Simulation onsite is  the best route to insight

InSytu Simulation onsite is the best route to insight from Insytu Advanced Healthcare Simulation

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Company Profile
InSytu was born in 2008 as the donor funded Gossman Center for Pediatric Simulation at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. A state of the art simulation lab led to expansion of scope beyond pediatrics to obstetrics, emergency medicine and other high risk areas.

We soon learned that simulation outside of the lab in areas where patient care actually takes place led to mitigation of latent safety hazards and that using realistic multidisciplinary teams practicing high risk, low frequency events together allowed the caregivers to improve their practice while learning with and from each other. Moving outside the lab setting allowed us to grow our simulation practice to support the entire Swedish system and eventually working outside our home as InSytu. In 2015 we began a pioneering system wide set of OB emergency simulations across the greater Providence system (30 sites) to facilitate a standardized evidence based approach to managing high risk emergencies, the largest program of its type.

We have partnered with dozens of hospitals and health systems across the United States, helping engage their bedside caregivers in improving outcomes, decreasing risk and cost improving their work caring for patients.